The Real Learning Project

“Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change.
And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”
Peter Drucker

 The Real Learning Project aims to help millions of people learn to learn, from young adults to seniors. We are looking for organizational partners to pilot Real Learning and monitor the results. Feedback drives our improvement cycle.

Real Learners know how to learn informally, socially, and experientially and are more likely to attain their business and personal goals as a result. Real Learning is a do-it-yourself program though often it’s taken up by small groups of co-learners.


Complete the exercises described in the book and you’ll work smarter, save a bundle of time, and take control of your own development on the job and in your career. By most definitions, you will become more intelligent.

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Real Learning shows how to learn from experience without instructors or classrooms. You’ll learn to:

  • Work smarter and have more impact
  • Learn faster and remember more
  • Embrace openness and learn out loud
  • Adopt sound learning practices as lifelong habits
  • Co-create knowledge with colleagues
  • Plan how to achieve your growth goals
  • Learn to be the person you aspire to be

The book is in beta and always will be. I’ll coax readers to provide suggestions and answer surveys. If you’re an early adopter, now’s the time to join the project. Help us figure out what works and what bombs. Let’s put superchargers on our learning. The softcover edition will be released at Online Educa Berlin in late November 2015.

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