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My community of practice (we meet frequently on Skype)
Twitter and the Internet Time Alliance’s Tweets
These two sites yield half of my new ideas.)Facebook
Google+,  Google+ Learning Community (a failed experiment)
(These three are mainly for personal news, gossip, and finding people.)+ a variety of member-only forumsAggregators
Working Smarter Daily
eLearning Learning
Communities and Networks Connection

Sites I visit often for news
Arts & Letters

Robin Good for apps and tech
Jerry’s Brain, my friend Jerry MIchalski’s incredible link site
Stephen Downes’s OL Daily
Standing Google searches for informal learning, jay cross, learning ecosystems, etc.
Edge Perspectives with John Hagel
John Seely Brown, Chief of Confusion
Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings


CLO magazine
eLearning Age
Greater Good Science Center
Learning Solutions
Training Zone UK
Newsie keeps me up to date on what friends are doing.
Donald Clark’s Plan B. Astute, contrarian, and funny, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

Note: My updating behavior has changed. I once kept track of 100+ sites’ RSS feeds. Now I rely on friends on Twitter to alert me to fresh content.

Outputs and Discussion

Some of my Sites
Internet Time – my blog, Important Stuff Page,
Jay Cross – my professional site, GlossaryInformal Learning Center
Berkeley Diet – food and observations
Moi – one of many private sites, my previous Plog
Research site – finds and speculation

Flickr for photos
YouTube for video
Bookmarks for saving URLs of reference information, tag cloud
Pinterest for saving and saving web graphics
SlideShare for presentations   for curation
Learning to Learn       Humanist Business     Informal & Experiential Learning      Just Jay        Future of Conferences

An older version of the Jump Page. And a page that’s a dozen years old.

Product Knowledge Mastery

Harold Jarche, PKM., July 2011.

Harold Jarche, What is your PKM routine?, March 2013. provides many examples

Jane Hart’s PKM routine, November 2013

Harold Jarcheworkshops, September 2015


Robin Good’s Content Curation Guide

Jay Cross,  Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Content curation on Pinterest — see what’s going on visually.

Robin Good’s curation of content curation tools

Tony Karrer, Marketing Via Aggregation, Filtering, and Curation is dated but lists many tools, sources, and articles on curation

Cendrine Marrouat, Introduction to Content Curation. Social Media Slant, May 2014.

Jay’s curation of Learning to Learn,

David Kelly, Curation Beyond the Buzzword. January 2013.

IDC, The Hidden Costs of Information Work, 2005.

IDC, Extracting Value from Chaos, 2011.

“entire world’s recorded information.” . Eric Schmidt, 2010.

M. G. Siegler, “Every 2 Days We Create As Much Information As We Did Up To 2003,” TechCrunch (August 4, 2010).

Rob Cross and Andrew Parker, The Hidden Power of Social Networks (Harvard Business Review Press, 2004).

IDC, The High Cost of Not Finding Information, 2001.

USC Beaufort Library, Bare Bones Search Lessons, 2014

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New.

Courses: OER Commons. Find a course.

DIY Genius, 100+ Self-Education Resources for Lifelong Learners.


Common Craft, Web Search Strategies in Plain English, 2013

From the University of Oregon, an Excellent list of search engines and services, 2015.

NoodleTools, Choose the Best Search Tools for Your Information Need, 2013.

Crap Detection

Howard Rheingold, Crap Detection Tools & Resources – an annotated list of tools and services.

Howard Rheingold, Crap Detection 101, SFGate, June 2014.

Doug Toft, The Art of Crap Detection, March 2011.

Neil Postman, Bullshit and the Art of Crap-DetectionCritical Thinking Snippets, July 2007.

Stephen Downes, Principles for Evaluating Websites, July 2005.

Stephen Downes Guide to the Logical Fallacies, August 1996.

Click for full size Informal Learning Poster

Social Learning

Jay Cross, Can Your Team’s Marriage Be Saved? Chief Learning Officer, February 2013.

John Gottman, Welcome to the Love Lab. Psychology Today. September 2000.

Jay’s social learning bookmarks

Harold Jarche’s posts on social learning

Jane Hart on social learning

Jane Hart, The Web is My Workplace, Learning in the Social Workplace, May 2015.

“kids from a homogenous, middle-class playground.” Judith Rich Harris, The Nurture Assumption (Free Press, 2009).


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